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Paz seems to have a perfect life. She has a job, a partner and friends but something's missing. In reality, there are things she is unhappy about. She feels anxious and burdened but can't bring herself to express these feelings. Until one day she turns to a strange therapy that will make her say absolutely everything she thinks. How would your life be if you only said what you think?

Release:Mar 02, 2018
Runtime:1h 27m
Stars:Maribel Verdú, Diego Martín, Toni Acosta, Rafael Spregelburd, Bárbara Santa-Cruz, Cristina Castaño, Cristina Pedroche, Santiago Segura, David Guapo, Candela Peña, Enrique San Francisco, El Gran Wyoming, Florentino Fernández, Francisco Collado, Daniel Medina, Marta González de Vega, Alaska, Fernando Gil, Cañita Brava, Luis Carlos Tortosa

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